Inside Joke Bracelets

Ever silently scream in the bathroom at your mother-in-law's house, or at work clenching your fists, face turning red....yes you say?  Well you need one of these "Inside Joke" bracelets.  Hidden on the inside is everything you wish you could scream out loud.  The outside is a simple adjustable brass band that is perfect for stacking.  Each bracelet is hand-stamped on the inside, with perhaps a few imperfections, just like your family, with sayings you, well let's be honest, wish you could say.  Perfect accessory for family get-togethers, meetings with the boss or school pick-up.

Choose from my favorites; "Family Sucks", "My Boss Is An Idiot" or "My Kid's Cuter".  Custom orders are available, just order "Custom" and send me a note with details.  Perhaps "Favorite Daughter", "I Hate My Job" or "I Want A Divorce".....I know, I know... but won't you feel better every time you look down at your wrist?

  • Adjustable Brass Cuff
  • Hand-stamped 
  • Polishing cloth included
  • 1/4" x 5 3/4, 14 Gauge Brass




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