Old Salt Merchants Gourmet Salts & Sugar

I am thrilled to be partnering with Old Salt Merchants,  a woman owned company based in California.  The flavors I have selected not only compliment food but also your favorite beverages.  Our family has enjoyed playing with the flavors in unique ways, rimming glasses of lemonade and bloody mary's, sprinkling the Lemon Twist Sea Salt over sorbet with a sprig of fresh mint.  My personal favorite is the Black Lava Salt with large flakes that transports me back to The Big Island by simply placing one on my tongue.  

  • Pair with the Oyster Shell Salt Cellars for a unique and thoughtful gift.
  • Sriracha Sea Salt 3.5 oz glass jar-Try on avocado toast, watermelon or bloody mary rim.
  • Lemon Twist Sea Salt 4 oz glass jar-Bright citrusy flavor pairs well with chicken, seafood and vegetables.
  • Black Lava Salt3 oz glass jar-A combination of Cyprus Flake Sea Salt with activated charcoal produces beautiful black salt flakes.  Pair with steaks or as the crown on a well dressed baked potato.
  • Lime Slice Sugar 4 oz glass jar-A tart sugar with lime zest makes a perfect rimmer for a Moscow mule, key lime pie or sprinked over iced tea.

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