Snarky Necklaces

I love the balance of high mixed with low, in decorating and in fashion as the low in the successful formula often adds wit and a creativity creating interest.  Well, these necklaces provide all the best elements of a good 
"low".  Made from copper and paired with long gold-toned chains which are perfect for layering against tanned skin in the summer.  At this amazing price, do as I do and add them to your "gift collection" for the unexpected occasion when a girlfriend needs a smile, your daughter balances pool parties and picnics in the same day or your own somewhat secret message to others.

  • "I'm Sorry, Did I Roll My Eyes Out Loud?" 22" L
  • Chaos Coordinator 23 1/2" L
  • "Hey, Train Wreck This Isn't Your Station" 20" L

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