The Cape Lobster Sticker

Our family had a long list of "Tells" that would let us know when someone wasn't local to the Cape.  These included anytime you overheard someone saying they we "Spending a week at Cape Cod", watching drivers unknowingly navigate a rotary and eating lobster in a restaurant (bonus points for wearing a bib).  All of they, and many others would instantly send my father into a "Tiz", as my mom would say.

These stickers are direct, and to the point.  No "Cod" to be found, but every town is as every town/village on the Cape is unique and special.  They will enhance your Yeti, Jeep and laptop, reminding you of The Cape.

  • 5"L x 3"W
  • Navy & White
  • UV Coated
  • Thatcher Ellery exclusive
  • Matching logo t-shirt & pint glasses also available

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